Army Jacket, Jeans, and Booties–My favorite wardrobe staples!

Let’s talk favorite outfits, I half-jokingly refer to this one as my “uniform!” I wear it ALL the time, most of all because it’s so comfy and can be dressed up or down. These booties are hands down the best around, I have walked more miles in these than any pair of runners I’ve ever owned!  This coat, perfection, and don’t get me started on these pull-on, yes you read that right, pull on jeans— I’ll have a separate post all about these gems!

Looking to add some variation??  Try a grey, black, blush or any other colored tee to the mix!  I’m loving all the spring florals and have mixed them in too.  On the weekends or after work you can find me swapping the jeans for these leggings— so soft, have a thick waist band, and go up high enough to cover my lovely mom belly!

What are your favorite staples? Do you have a uniform too? I’d love to see you favorite staples too!

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