Tuesday Tips–Amazon for the WIN!

This summer we decided to take a vacation with all four of our crazy kids solo for the flight to Denver, what were we thinking??  That trip was all about hacks and tips that helped us to keep our sanity while traveling and during our stay.  We rented an Airbnb that allowed everyone to have their own space, more importantly giving us space to ‘adult’ in during naps and after the kids had gone to bed for the night…ah yes!  I also tried Amazon Fresh for the first time, you know, the service where groceries magically appear on your doorstep!  Simply stated, it’s genius!  A day before the trip I hopped on Amazon, ordered groceries for the family, chose a delivery time, and poof they appeared on the doorstep of our rental home waiting for us when we arrived!  This trick was so practical, affordable, and provided us with great health options during vacation–what’s not to love!


I usually tend to grocery shop on Sundays, however it was Easter this weekend and we attended Opening Day on Monday leaving nothing in our kitchen except for half eaten carrots from Finn’s school lunch, left overs, and a few other things that were less than desirable.  Needless to say this trick saved me from heading to the store after the game.  fullsizeoutput_3972.jpeg

Here are a few of my favorites to order, I’m loving the healthy options that the Amazon-Whole Foods merge offers too!  Have you tried this?  Other grocery delivery services you rave about?  I’d love to hear what your favorites are too!